In conversation with the Judge: Stephen Feeke

While the call for artists of the 5th edition of the Young Masters Art Prize is in full play, we want to highlight our illustrious judges. Today we have talked to Mr Stephen Feeke, writer and curator.

Stephen Feeke

Stephen Feeke

1. Why did you decide to support the Young Masters Art Prize?

I have developed a particular interest in the resonances between the art of the past and the art of the present, many exhibitions I’ve curated have explored the creative possibilities of looking at history through a contemporary lens. I have also worked with many ceramicists, so I first heard about the ceramics aspect of the Young Masters initiative it brought together different aspects of my knowledge and experience in a very exciting way. Ultimately though it’s all about the art and the artists.

2. What do you get from the experience of judging the Prize?

For me, it’s all about supporting artists and opening up new opportunities for them.

3. What are you most looking forward to this year?

I am most excited about discovering work by new artists.

4. What advice would you give to artists applying to this year’s prize?

Look to the past, but don’t be slavish. Be bold, be original.

Artists wishing to apply to the Young Masters Art Prize are encouraged to do so until 31 May 2019.