Young Masters

Royal Over-Seas League  

28 June - 8 September 2017

This exhibition at the prestigious Royal Overseas League club in Mayfair, London, celebrated artists who pay homage to the skill and traditions of the past. The not-for-profit ethos of the 'Young Masters Art Prize prize' aligned with ROSL to support emerging talent and offer opportunities early in the careers of international, young creatives. Many artists shortlisted for the prize, both past and present, were exhibited, boasting variety in medium and subject as well as artists varying in age and experience. The exhibition offered new works of contemporary art that take inspiration from the past, displayed in the grand setting of the historic clubhouse.

Including artists:

Lluis Barba, Sasha Bowles, Elisabeth Caren, Anne Francoise Couloumy, Lottie Davies, Tessa Eastman, Carole Freeman, Amartey Golding, Liron Kroll, Liane Lang, Sandro Miller, Lauren Nauman, Yigal Ozeri, John Phillips, David Piddock, Lars Reiffers, Sheila Rock, Red Saunders, Antoine Schneck, Stephen Snoddy, Christoph Steinmeyer, Isabelle Van Zeijl, Eleanor Watson


Photographs (c) Cristina Schek.