Terms & conditions 2019

1. Eligibility

1.1 The Prize is open to all artists regardless of their location.

1.2 Any artist over 18 may submit an application.

1.3 Artists may submit up to 4 works per entry.

2. Artwork submission 

2.1 Works must be recent (produced no earlier than June 2017). 

2.2 Images should show the complete work being submitted. Please note that the first round of judging is completed digitally. It is therefore important that the photographs uploaded are of a high quality and as clear as possible.

2.3 Works submitted must be available and for sale for the duration of the exhibition and 6 months after the end of the exhibition (the sales period). 

3. Application

3.1 Applications are to be submitted through our online form. If there is a lack of information required and/or payment, the application will not be accepted. 

3.2 The application fee is non-refundable and used for the sole purpose of running the prize. You will not be refunded the fee if you later decide to withdraw your application from the prize and/or if you don’t get shortlisted. 

4. Intellectual property rights 

4.1 You must be the owner of the artworks and must confirm that the pieces submitted are of your own origination. Works must not infringe the copyright or any other rights of any third party. You must hold all moral and intellectual property rights for all the artworks submitted for the prize. You agree to supply high resolution images suitable for print and online use as a condition of participating in the Prize.

4.2 By submitting your application for the Prize, you agree that Young Masters, or any other third party permitted by us can:

·         copy or reproduce the entry(ies) by taking images, shots or videos of parts or of the whole entry(ies) for archival, marketing, promotional, and educational use.

·         use materials as listed above, including, but not limited to, the right to be broadcasted and/or reproduced on the Young Masters (or partners) website, catalogues, exhibition posters, prints, and marketing material (both printed and digital), royalty-free, world-wide and in perpetuity.

4.3 Shortlisted artists may be required to take part in prize-related press coverage, and by entering the Prize all entrants are agreeing to do so.

4.4 Please note that, if shortlisted, members of the public may take photographs of your work only for personal, educational, and non-commercial use. Young Masters Art Prize LLP/The Cynthia Corbett Gallery shall not be liable if images or content is used otherwise by the public and has no obligation to monitor this.

5. Liability 

5.1 Artists are solely responsible for ensuring that their work has been successfully submitted to Young Masters Art Prize LLP before the deadline and Young Masters Art Prize LLP has no liability in this regard.

5.2 Shortlisted artworks, once received into the care of Young Masters Art Prize LLP will be covered by the insurance policy held by The Cynthia Corbett Gallery.  

6. Prize

6.1 The winners and runners up will be awarded a cash prize or a prize in kind as outlined on the website. Prizes are not transferable and cannot be substituted for any other goods, cash or services.

6.2 Prize winners will be selected by a panel of judges to be announced in full on the www.young-masters.co.uk website. The judges' decision at all stages of the judging process is final.

6.3 The Prize is not open to: previous overall winners of the prize, or employees or family members of employees of: The Cynthia Corbett Gallery/Young Masters Art Prize LLP, or any sponsors thereof.

6.4 We reserve right to revise, alter or amend the prize rules, or cancel the competition at any time if circumstances arise outside of our control. The current and up to date prize rules may be viewed on www.young-masters.co.uk during the period of the Prize. 

7. Delivery & collection 

7.1 The curators’ decision on works for the exhibition is final.  Works must be exhibited for the duration of the exhibition and may not be removed from the exhibition’ location in either whole or in part before the end date of the exhibition. In addition, all shortlisted works are required to be available for sale up to 6 months after the end of the exhibition and will remain in the dedicated storage.

7.2 Artworks must be delivered only if they have been requested by the exhibition curators. We will notify you about dates for when the entries shall be delivered and will authorise you with instructions to do so.

7.3 Artists sending works from abroad must cover any duty or customs charges incurred. Young Masters Art Prize staff will be able to advise on sending works from abroad.

7.4 Shortlisted artists are wholly responsible for the shipping, transportation and insurance of works to London for exhibition and return shipping if works remain unsold.

7.5 All artworks submitted must be ready to hang or install. Works on paper must be framed. Photographs must be framed or suitably mounted (e.g. on diasec). Artists working in new media, film, or video may be required to use their own equipment for the exhibition.

7.6 No storage fees will be applicable during the exhibition and the sales period (6 months after the exhibition ends).

7.7 Unsold artworks can be collected from the dedicated storage by the artists any time between 6 to 9 months after the exhibition ends.

7.8 Any work uncollected during the period stated in 7.7 will be stored at a separate location and the artist will be charged a storage fee.

8. Sales

8.1 All works submitted to the Prize should be available for sale by Young Masters Art Prize LLP; artworks that are not for sale should not be entered into the competition. If your work has been shortlisted or selected for the exhibition, it will be offered for sale for a period of time during the exhibition. In addition, all shortlisted works are required to be available for sale up to 6 months after the end of the exhibition.

8.2 The sale of consigned artworks will be subject to a 50% commission for the Young Masters Art Prize LLP.

8.3 The Cynthia Corbett Gallery is not under any obligation to offer artist representation or sell their work beyond the end of the 6 month sale period. Being shortlisted for the Young Masters Art Prize or Ceramics Prize is not an offer of gallery representation.  Similarly artists are not obliged to be represented by The Cynthia Corbett Gallery.

9. Data

9.1 Applications to the Prize are processed in accordance with our privacy policy.