Established by Cynthia Corbett in 2009, Young Masters Art Prize reflected her love of art history and contemporary art - she wanted to celebrate the young (and older) artists who pay homage to the skill and traditions of the past; knowing that young artists today are not afraid, unlike their predecessors, to look back at art history and its lessons.

This biennial prize is now globally recognised as a prestigious competition by artists, galleries and collectors alike. The prize has evolved into an international touring project, offering emerging and established artists opportunities to exhibit and develop their practice.


Meet our Founder/Director

Cynthia is the director of the Cynthia Corbett Gallery, an international contemporary art gallery founded in 2004 to represent emerging artists. In 2009 she set up the Young Masters Art Prize, to recognise how young contemporary artists respond to the art of the past:

“I wanted to celebrate contemporary artists who are really interested in historical themes, and prove to the world that these artists are just as technically brilliant and unique as they would be if they were living in the time of the Old Masters.”

Cynthia started out as an international economist, before studying for a new career in art. American-born, she moved to London and now runs her gallery and Young Masters from her home gallery in Wimbledon.